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1 Athyrta
 1.1 The second law of thermodynamics from symmetry and unitarity?
 1.2 Hypergeometric functions!
 1.3 More is different!
2 Aglaonice
 2.1 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (explicit Gen Z edit)
 2.2 Longest time without sleep
 2.3 Contiguous Cartograms
3 Hypatia
 3.1 Wittgenstein’s inspiration
 3.2 Marshmallow test and poor kids
 3.3 Summary of homogeneous curved spaces
4 Keng Hsien-Seng
 4.1 Sad life of Evariste Galois
 4.2 Victor Kac in his 1996 Wigner medal acceptance speech
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